Education Achievement Authority - Special Meeing of the Executive Commitee

February 12, 2016

Public Notice of Special MeetingThursday, February 11, 2015 at 10:00amEDUCATION ACHIEVEMENT AUTHORITY OF MICHIGAN300 River Place, Suite 3600Detroit, Michigan 48207(313) AGENDARoll CallApproval of AgendaNew BusinessPublic CommentAdjournment

MI Moodle Moot 2016 - 1). Rising Above Moodle Mediocrity – Opening Keynote Michelle Moore, eLearning Consultancy

February 08, 2016

How would you describe your Moodle courses? Outstanding? Extraordinary? Decidedly not mediocre? The fact of the matter is that doing what’s average is, well, average and that’s as true for your Moodle site as it is your online and blended learning programs. To be exceptional means exposing everything that’s just ‘acceptable’ and aspiring to something more! The options leading to exceptional experiences are there - in the site settings and in your courses - and I’m here to show you where. I’ll also guide you toward those all-important next steps - big and small - and prepare you to inspire and amaze your fellow Moodlers back home!

Michigan Department of Education - Michigan State Board of Education Meeting for January 12, 2016 - Morning Session

January 12, 2016

Michigan State Board of Education Meeting for January 12, 2016 - Morning Session

Michigan Merit Exam (MME) Spring 2016 Briefing - Chap 1 - What is MME and M-Step Overview

October 26, 2015

Overview of the Michigan Merit Examination and the M-Step.  Kate Cermak and Robin Wright - Michigan Department of Education Accountability Services.    Additional Questions may be directed

2016 Transportation Supervisors Continuing Education Program - Pt. 1 - Introduction and Managing an Emergency

September 29, 2015

To ENROLL and Take for Certification Credit Click Here Welcome to the 2016 Pupil Transportation Supervisors’ Continuing Education Program. The theme for this training cycle is “School Bus Nuts and Bolts.” The full six-hour program will focus primarily on innovative programs and resources developed and implemented by Michigan pupil transportation personnel. The Part I program will present hours one, two, and three of your required six-hour training.Part I presenters are four innovators from local school bus fleets and the manager of the Michigan State Police Medical Waiver Board. Program Goals:1. Highlight local school bus fleets’ innovative activities, materials, and procedures.2. Promote identifying and sharing innovative activities, materials, and procedures across all Michigan school bus fleets.3. Identify and describe specific issues and questions, e.g. federal and state physical standards and school bus railroad crossing conflicts, confronting school bus fleet administrators.4. Review bills before the legislature and The Michigan Association for Pupil Transportation’s Legislative Agenda for the 2015-16 legislative session.

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